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Reopening of the British Royal Gallery

Home stretch for the museum

Professor Horatius Trout

There are only a few days left before the corridors of the British Royal Gallery are accessible again to the London public. Started at the beginning of the year, the renovation work ended a week ago. Now remains the master paintings hanging up, a last hard work for the museum team, especially as they promised us many new galleries that will allow visitors to discover or rediscover the masterpieces of the most prestigious painters.

The director of the museum, Professor Horatius Trout (see photograph below cons) told our reporter: "Yes, putting back all the paintings in time for the reopening will still demand many hours of work. I hope the result will live up to the visitors expectations."

Let us recall that Professor Trout, returning from a stay in Paraguay, discovered to be affected by pixomatosis, this mysterious sickness that we are talking about in our columns. The director assured us that his illness would not delay him in any way and that he was certain that the galleries of the British Royal Gallery would be ready in due time.

Pixomatosis alert!

This week, a third case of this tropical disease was diagnosed at St Mary's Hospital.

What are the symptoms of this strange illness? Dr. Van Krieg states: "Pixomatosis affects the patient's vision, and when he fixes a scene, it seems hazy, or more precisely, composed of large colored squares. However, after a couple of minutes, the vision is refined and returns to almost normal... until the patient looks away to another scene, and everything starts again."

St Mary's Hospital requires anyone with these symptoms to come forward as soon as possible. What about you? Look at these two photos: if you can not see any difference, call WHI-1212 immediately or contact your doctor.



In spite of all his good will, Professor Horatius Trout, director of the Royal British Gallery, is afraid of running out of time: all the musuem paintings have to be sorted in anticipation of the imminent exhibition (see our newspaper for details). The dreadful pixomatosis is delaying him, and he is counting on you!

Help him to identify the works of art. The faster you go, the more points you score!

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The sooner you identify the paintings, the more likely it is that we will be ready in time!
Good luck!
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