This box, displayed in the bottom left corner, can not be closed. There you can change the current language or boxes layout.

Changing language

Available languages are listed here, simply pick one.

Tip: if you want to add colordb to your favorites, first choose the language you want, because the bookmark will hold it in the URL.

Translating colordb

If you want to help, you can do it a very easy way by translating a single file, named "locale.txt". It contains every sentence used in colordb, grouped by boxes. See the file for french or english. Once translated, just mail me the new file and I will upload it as soon as possible.

Help files can also be translated of course (about 12 HTML files). But this is not required: if help is not available for a given language, the english version will be brought to the caller.

Inside the "locale.txt" is a section dedicated to the translator: you can add here your name, your website title and its URL. These information will be displayed in the colordb footer.


Color tools can be used in many ways, by many people, to do many different things. That is why colordb lets you choose the boxes to be displayed and where to display them.

There are some classical predefined layouts: "mini-info", "webmaster", "student". But you can make your own.

To do so, click the "user-defined" link. You are now in a special configuration where you can move the boxes (and minimize or open them). When you have done, in the Options box, click the link named "back to working mode" and here we are !

Customize the layout before you bookmark colordb, so you will retrieve it each time you use your bookmark.