La Boite à couleurs

La Boîte à couleurs
For Windows 98,
NT4, 2000, XP
Version 1.6.15
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[Pour la version française, cliquez ici]

"La Boîte à couleurs" is a freeware for Windows written by Benjamin Chartier. It gives you a set of usefull tools to pick, convert and modify colors. Supported color models are:

"La Boîte à couleurs" also has a visual mode made of three kinds of color maps. Moreover, a user-sizable "picker" allows you to copy a color from anywhere on the screen. The software is provided with some color names files (CHROMA, RGB, HTML and Pantone colors). A color you've choosen through the interface will be matched to the nearest color in the selected list.

For example, open the Pantone file, then use the picker tool onto the screen: the corresponding Pantone code (the nearest one) is automatically selected.

Have a look to the following screen shots:

"La Boîte à couleurs" is available in french or in english. To install the software, see steps above:

  1. Téléch. Download "La Boîte à couleurs" (choose "save file to disk" if necessary).
  2. Once downloaded, execute the file and follow the installation instructions. Default settings will add a new folder named "La boite a couleurs" to the Programs menu (important: if you have a previous version of this software on your computer, please remove it before installing the new one).
  3. That's all ! Please note that a help file (PDF format) will be available in the program subdirectory named "doc".

New : a new file containing the RAL Classic colors codes is available. Download it and save it into the sub-directory named "ColorNames" (default location of this sub-foler is C:\Program Files\LaBoiteACouleurs\ColorNames). So you will have the ability to get the nearest RAL code of any color. Note: the others color names files (such as Pantone, Html, Chroma, etc) are automatically installed with the freeware.

Important : note that the equivalences given by this tool between RGB values and Pantone or RAL codes are not accurate, as no one can perfectly matchs a screen color with codes that have been established by design for printing or painting purpose.

Please feel free to send a mail to the author for any comments, suggestion or bug submission:

(e-mail address hidden)

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